Jeruzlia Polarpaw
Image caption
Basic information
Age 250
Gender Female
Race Night Elf
Affiliation Alliance, Argent Crusade, Ishiri Clan
Status Alive


Jeruzlia looks like alot like her mother, Tessa. She has shiny bright white hair, white glowing eyes, a slim body, pretty large breasts and is 1.89 meter long. She mostly walks around in her old teacher's old armor, Valorous Dreamwalker armor with a Valorous Nightsong Crown or in her bear form, looking like a clean white Polar Bear.


Jeruzlia Polarpaw was born from Tessa Polarpaw. The father is unknown. She was born with great nature powers from the beginning. Due because the Cenarion Circle didn't accept females till 8 years ago, Jeruzlia didn't get to use them till them. After joining the Cenarion Circle, she becames good friends with a Tauren Druid named Taksio Earthhoof, a very old and wise druid who trained her in Moonglade. Due Taksio was asked by Tirion Fordring to be one of the first to attack Icecrown Citadel with a group of Crusaders. Sadly, the attack was a bad idea as all the crusaders got killed, even Taksio, but before he would had gotten the final blow by the Lich King himself, he got saved by his gnomish friend, Clank Bot who grabbed Taksio while flying on his flying machine. With his tiny muscles, he tried to hold Taksio while trying to escape the frostblood wyrms who followed them. Clank managed to save Taksio by flying quickly to Dalaran and get saved by the mages there. Taksio got burried in Moonglade. After Taksio's friends said goodbye to him, Jeruzlia stared at his grave, trying to control her anger. Suddenly roots came from Taksio's grave and they handed over Taksio's Dreamwalker armor to Jeruzlia. Surprised by all this, Jeruzlia slowly putted on the armor, the armor changed size instantly to her size, fitting perfectly. Jeruzlia then went out to avenge Taksio and to help her new friends.


Mostly calm and careful, she always goes to work with a clear mind and good tactics. Due when the time comes, she can be very feral and brutal to her enemies, striking hard hits in her bear or cat form. She loves peace and quiet and can be found mostly in beautiful peaceful places like the lakes of Elwynn Forest or anywhere in north Kalimdor. She also likes to travel alot. With making friends, she is mostly very carefull at first, but when she starts to trust someone, she is very open and kind, never minding to help someone with anything.

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