Jaivyn Sunfall
Jai in Silvermoon
Basic information
Age 91
Gender Male
Race Blood Elf
Affiliation Silvermoon
Status Alive

Jaivyn is a young blood elf and wants to become a chef.


A short elf, standing at only 1.65 metres high. His body is toned as Jaivyn clearly trains often. His skin, slightly tanned, is littered with many small scratches and scars from previous fights, though none of them are rather impressive. He has the same green eyes as the rest of his kin, although they don't glow as brightly. He has rather well-defined cheekbones and a strong jawline. His hair is a light blonde colour, short and spiky and he has a tiny goatee on his chin.

He's often seen wearing his titansteel armour, decorated with red and gold. When he's not wearing armour, he's either wearing an orange shirt or a suit.


Jaivyn likes to cook and his dream is to become a world famous chef. Other than cooking, he also likes to train and practice martial arts. He's particularly interested in trollish and orcish martial arts. He is capable of making objects such as small robots but rarely does this.


Not much is known about Jaivyn as he prefers to keep it a secret.

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