Running from stratholme.
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Basic information
Age 61, dead over 9 years.
Gender Male
Race Undead
Affiliation Eburi
Status Unliving


A rather large undead, towering nearly a head above others, there are no visible flaws, other then more scar then skin, and a beard of rot, to be seen.


Born 61 years ago in a small farmers village somewhere between Heartglen and Andorhall, he was born and raised there.

After ten years he joined his father in the field, just working like any other kid those days, It where in those days when he was taken by a group of soldier inning taxes, they took him and trained him to fight pit-fights, The Paladin rulers of Heartglen found out and took him to be an soldier.

He worked, fought and bled for his homeland and king in the Second War.

Death and Unlife. At the Scouring of Stratholme he died, after fighting off a group of Undead one of his fellow soldiers stabbed him in the back, the soldier being an agent of the scourge, he was raised as an personal bodyguard of an Necromancer.

Years he spent trying to break free of his tormenter, only now, some 7 years after his death, and rebirth, he sucseeded at it, now free he ran, with his own Armor still on, and his wepons still drenched in blood, as were his hands, and he ran untill he found the Ruins of Lordearon.

A year after that, he found a place beneath a Paladin, Knight-lord Flashheart, which knighting he watched himself.

More recently he has left the service of the Knight-lord.

Trivia. Edit

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