Magistrix Hallieta Dawnblade
Hallieta Dawnblade image
The Magistrix wearing her Phoenix Pendant
Basic information
Age 131---[29 human years]
Gender Female
Race Blood Elf
Affiliation The Phoenix Guard, Silvermoon Magisters.
Status Alive

Magistrix Hallieta Elanoire Frostrunner Dawnblade, a 131 year old Sin'Dorei woman currently residing in the Dawnblade Manor in Eversong Woods. She is a master in non-combat magic and trickery. She is well known for her snobbish attitude as well as her beautiful face and body which has earned her a place on the front cover of Quel'Fashion hal a dozen times.


Halli dancing
Hallieta owns a head of thick, snow-white, wavey hair, styled into the most beautiful fashion. Her ears are slightly shorter than a usual Blood Elf, usually decorated with a large gold hoop. The Magistrix has a small, upturned nose and small, pouted lips. Hallieta has smooth, tanned skin, covering her perfect face and sharp jawline. Her eyes are fairly normal for a Blood Elf, green and cat-eye shaped, though if you look closely you might notice that her eyes glow slightly less than other Elves. She has high, defined cheek bones, topping off her beauty with grace.

Magistrix Dawnblade has a tall, athletic figure. Despite the fact that it is curvacious in all the right places, some might describe her stomach muscels as manly.



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