Fellen Therrel'guin
Image caption
Basic information
Age 288 ( 337 in reality )
Gender Male
Race Blood Elf
Affiliation Himself
Status Alive

"Doors are fer people wi' no imagination." - Fellen Therrel'guin

Fellen Therrel'guin is a fictitious chacter created by Lerenas Taigan'lor for use as a disguise. Generally brought out to investigate matters unhindered, infiltrate organisations/enemy settlements or just to have a little fun.


Whilst there are a few hints of Lerenas if you know him well enough Fellen for the most part, looks entirely different.

The clothes he wears are generally a dirty pair of trousers, muddy old boots, a shirt and jacket that have seen better days and a black hat with numerous trinkets sewn in. A fishing lure here, a small piece of gemstone there...

Basically whatever happens takes his fancy.

As far as weapons are concerned, he probably has some. Somewhere. Rare is the occasion that Fellen will be openly aggressive, thus forgoing the advertisement of knives and koshes.

His hair is a very dark brown commonly tied back into a ponytail, this extends to his goatee and short eyebrows which have been cut down like a human's instead of growing otwards like some kind of weird moustache. And finally his skin and face are a whole lot grubbier without looking particularly contrived hiding some of his facial markers quite nicely.


Fellen was created by mixing a Westfall farmer, Lerenas' original personality and an Aerie dwarf he once met. As far as the rest goes he's merely an elf who used to live in the northern edges of Hillsbrad.

Supposedly he came to the city to annoy as many people as possible. Specifically arrogant nobles.

This is how he makes his living. The scheme is of such simplicity as to be brilliant. In effect he irritates his target until they send out men to rough him up for his insolence or to simply kill him. When this happens he either kills or knocks out the 'professionals', steals their belongings and sells them on the black market for a profit.


Simply criminal and cynical towards the world at large, Fellen is more openly devious than his normal personality, as well as a lot more talkative. Though it should be noted that he speaks only when spoken to or is otherwise offering a short colourful opinion on a given situation, else remaining quietly perplexed throughout the conversation. The events that he does try and talk your ear off however is just because Lerenas is struggling with what to do next or is otherwise having an "Oh b*llocks" moment.

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