Serious face!




Falanyr Silverlight is not a name one would recognise. He is an elf who specialises in the use of the light - mostly for healing and reluctantly for combat. Upon first glance, if not for his robes, he would appear incapable and noticeably...useless.


A short elf by most standards, ghostly pale and notably fragile. Despite this his eyes burn with a youthful green hue, and contrary to his appearance his hair is a messy blazing red. His robes and armour are mostly decorative, and he appears to take pride in his clothing.

Oddly enough, he is rarely - if ever - seen without a pair of gloves and some form of material covering his entire neck. Perhaps he doesn't want to be a sinful exhibitionist at all costs? It's probably just some odd quirk. On either side of his face are a small pair of runic tattoos, mostly faded. They seem to hold little significance now, but they appear to stretch down from his chin underneath his armour. (Not represented on the main picture, see slightly retarded chibies)


Ask him and he might tell!


Quite easily frightened - for lack of a better word, cowardly is what he would appear to be on first glance. The tiniest sudden movement can make him flinch. Evidently a pacifist, he prefers to take a non-violent course of action towards thing. However, he can occasionally show a change from this personality should the need arise.

Total wuss.

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