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Eshi Valornath - by cryptfever

Eshi Valornath
Eshi Valornath - Lord Commander of the Dark League
Basic information
Age Approx 45 at death
Gender Male
Race Human - Forsaken
Affiliation Forsaken - Lordaeron
Status Undead - Angry

Eshi Valornath, Lord of the Dark League of Lordaeron, Ex Royal Dreadguard Commander to the Dark Lady, Ex Guard Commander of Lordaeron's Royal Guard, Deathbringer. Many titles follow Eshi, some statements of fact, some flattering, others given in fear and hatred.


Eshi is a massive human male, seven foot six inches tall and built with a massive, muscular build. Dwarfing most human males Eshi is a giant among men and can often be seen standing in a full suit of heavy plate armor, when stipped bare eshi's body can be seen, rippling musculature covered by pale alabaster skin, a patchwork of scars trace the contours of his body, testament to the hard fought life of a warrior. Eshi's pale skin is contrasted by the deep dark shadows under his eyes, the tale of his undeath on display. Though clearly a walking un-rotten corpse, Eshi could also quite easily pass for a living human, with the careful application of makeup to deepen the color of his skin Eshi can slip amongst the citiszens of the alliance and mingle quite well.


Eshi served in life as Commander of the Lordaeron Royal Guard, the defenders of king Terenas Menethil during his reign. Imprisoned as an act of pennance for the death of a rioter at the time arthas slew his father, Eshi firmly believes his presence that day would have made a difference, and that it was the light that abandoned the kingdom of Lordaeron forcing him into his imprisonment.

Broken free during the battle for Lordaeron Eshi led a resistence rallying many of the city guard to fight before eventually being cut down by one of Arthas origional Deathknights. No sooner than his corpse had hit the floor the necromantic powers of the Lich kings army had him on his feet and fighting against those who had fought at his side.

Breaking free with the Dark lady eshi took up the mirror of his role in life, serving as a commander of the Royal Dreadguards in defence of the Dark lady.

At the time of the Wrathgate, Eshi petitioned the Dark lad to allow him to create a new force, An elite arm of the Forsaken military, "The Dark League of Lordaeron" Eshi's new league was an innovative idea, a fully autonomus militar branch, Responsible for its own recruiotment and training, with it's own base of operations and it's own resources.


Eshi seems quick to anger and hot headed. though often this is just a mask as Eshi is allways calculating, allways thinking. Eshi is a master tactician and his mind, though twisted a little by death, is lethal and precise, giving out false images to those he dosen't entirely trust, as a method of making them underestimate his abilities.

Eshi can be cruel and compassionate in equal measure, entirely dependant on where he is and who he is speaking to.

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