Eldahlia Moonwhisper
Eldahlia Moonwhisper image1
Basic information
Age 329
Gender Female
Race Night Elf
Affiliation Cenarion Circle
Status Alive


Purple skin and silver eyes, her hair white as snow and worn loose down to her waist. She looks like she doesn't mind a bit of dirt.


Eldahlia was born in Astranaar and the oldest of two, her brother being Alnolian Moonwhisper. She was mostly found in the out in the woods, playing with the animals or swimming in the lakes. Then the orcs came and started cutting down Ashenvale. Her father died fighting them back.

However, she is a forgiving person and was willing to forgive the orcs for their ignorance when she had to fight alongside them against the Legion. However, after this fight the orcs started cutting down the trees of Ashenvale and she thought it was unforgivable. After the war she laid down her Glaive and started following the path of Druidism as her father did before her.

Now training under the watchful eye of her father's friend and her mentor Mardant Strongoak, she longs to venture into the world once more and return the balance to the world.


A forgiving and kind hearted person is what people use to describe her. However she is very shy and needs time to open up to others.

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"All are nature's children"

"If we provide nature, nature will provide us"

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