Eikahe Stonehoof
Image caption
Basic information
Age Old Enough
Gender Male
Race Tauren
Affiliation To Sema'ji
Status Alive

Eikahe Stonehoof is a Tauren shaman who has become skilled in scouting for the Warsong Offensive in Northrend.


Eikahe is white with black spots on his body, and has a scar down one side of his face, covered with an eyepatch, after an incredibly close encounter with the undead in Northrend.


Eikahe started out on a pilgrimage to Mount Hyjal in honour of his father, who died there fighting Archimonde when he threatened the world tree. During his travels he ended up in Silvermoon city after a crazy mage made a portal there instead of Thunder Bluff, where he met Seldrima of Free Expedition.

Eikahe considered the female blood elf to be one of his closest companions and was distraught after hearing she had disappeared and that Markus Flashheart might have had a hand in it.

After news of Flashheart's impending apprehension, he has pledged his allegiance to the new leader of Free Expidition in assisting this task to find out what happened to Seldrima once and for all.

Outside of war, Eikahe is often seen with his pet prairie dog Snuffles and can be found enjoying the artificial weather of Silvermoon City.


Eikahe has become bitter and sarcastic ever since his time in Northrend, but is a loyal and brutally honest companion.

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