Eburi Knights
Eburi Knights
Basic information
Faction Argent Dawn
Leader Markus Flashheart
Members Anya Dawnmourn
Veltroi Furion
Distal Sunthreath
Yohánna Cloudmoore
Sysa Shadowlove
Zhahara Bloodheart
Website here

The Eburi Knights were formed under the Noble Right in Silvermoon Law for all Houses to be able to form a militia. Forgetting political action and deeming it inept, Markus pledged his newly found unit to the service of the Argent Crusade, in direct support to, rather than dependant upon.

While this may make them come over as arrogant, the Eburi Knights are the servants of the people, and all are required to uphold the civility Knights should be possessed of.

Members are from all walks of life and all races, the past is forgotten less it wished to be remembered, we all walk the same path to Arthas' demise.


The Eburi (Eburi being Ancient Thalassian for 'White') Knights were formed at the start of the summer months, being born from necessity and Markus' refusal to sit idle while people ignored their own political processes.


While the Eburi find their feet, in a manner of speaking, they can often be found on the Bazaar in Silvermoon City, a banner held aloft, Markus speaking with potential Squires. Recently they have moved to a new base at the Bulwark were they are aiding the Argent Dawn as well as following their own agendas.


The Eburi Knights are a Roleplaying guild - we expect discipline from all our members as well as loyalty. Respect the chain of command and be respected and trusted in kind.

OOCly, we expect you to be over the age of 16, have some past of RPing although we're not beyond teaching newer members. Forum activity is to be expected as standard and mandatory to promotion.



Markus Flashheart - Leader of the Eburi Knights, Knight-Lord of Silvermoon, Paladin of the Silverhand.


Taian Half-Shadow - Commander

Veltroi Furion


Anya Dawnmourn


Reylen Flashheart - Markus' Brother, coming into his direct service but desiring no special treatment.



Other informationEdit

Is working closely with the Phoenix Guard and Of Ashen Wings. From the smallest seeds..

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