Distal Sunthreath
Distal Sunthreath image
From Anla
Basic information
Age 94
Gender Male
Race Quel'dorei
Affiliation Horde, Eburi Knights
Status Alive

Distal is currently based in the Borean Tundra , assisting the Tuskarr .


Distal, while on duty, wears the black and white tabbard of an Eburi Knight. Alongside that, he wears white platemail and wield a heavy black and white warhammer. His hair is black, and curtains down one side of his face. His eyes burn with the cold blue of a Death Knight, so it is impossible for anyone to guess at his race. While not on duty, but still requiring armour, he wears heavy saronite plate armour, and a heavy two-hander. Ocassionally be may be seen wearing a Knight of the Ebon Blade tabbard, or not wearing a tabbard at all. Usually this is when he is in Silvermoon and attempting to go unseen.


Distal led an relatively ordinary life up till Arthas's assault on Silvermoon. In the attack, Distal was slain and subsequently resurrected. He was bred as one of the many Death Knights, and was sent with the others to the Acherus. He was with the Death Knights that slaughtered Avalon, and he regrets it with his every waking breath. When he regained his free will, he immediately returned to Silvermoon to find any information about his family. He was told that all bar his brother was slaughtered in the attack. His brother, Arientus Sunthreath, had been a Paladin of the Silver Hand and had arrived at Silvermoon some time after the assault to assist. He was reunited with his brother on Aldor Rise in Shatrath, following a reletively lengthy search.

He joined his brothers unit, the Dawn Crusade, a group of Knights formed to combat the horrors of the Scourge. Having experienced these first-hand, Distal saw it necessary to his sanity to assist in the defeat of Arthas. He worked in the Ghostlands, helping to secure Sin'dorei lands against the horrors of the Scourge. But the Dawn Crusade was doomed through internal strife from the beginning, and it began to splinter into offshoot factions. Faced with loosing his cause of life, Distal attached himself to the splinter group he believed would be the most sucessful, and the group that was led by someone he looked up too, Markus Flashheart.


Distal is a relatively sarcastic individual, with generally little or no prejudice to other races. He is a very thoughtfull person, being seen just wandering the ruins of the Scarlet Enclave, as if reliving something. He regrets everything he did under the grasp of the Lich King, and is determined to repent for the sins he committed under Arthas's icy grip. The place in Northrend known as Kaskala appears to be the current center of Distals ambitions, as it reminds him all to much of the Scarlet Hold, and Avalon, the place he was forced to destroy under the command of the Lich King.

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