Darkmoon Faire
Darkmoon Faire travellers
Basic information
Date Lasts a week at a time
Time 24 hours a day
Location The Faire rotates between Terokkar Forest, Elwynn Forest, and Mulgore, in that order.

The eventEdit

Darkmoon Faire, our realm, is named after an ingame travelling fair which exhibits the wonderful and mysterious creatures of Azeroth. Led by Silas Darkmoon, it travels around and makes stops in Mulgore, Terokkar Forest and Ellwyn Forest.

There are plenty of things to do at the fair:

  • Visit exotic vendors.
  • Exchange trade goods for tickets, which can be handed in, in order to get equipment and items.
  • Hand in complete sets of the Darkmoon Faire cards, which can be found all over Azeroth.
  • Fair fun! Which ranges from being shot out of a cannon, to participating in a lovely tonk contest with friends or foes. Remember, both factions can visit this fair, so a tonk contest might be THE way to settle differences peacefully.

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