Da Sen'Jin Market
Da Sen'Jin Market image
Sen'Jin Village
Basic information
Date Tuesday 22. September
Time 23:00 - 22:00
Location Sen'Jin Village
Contact Zhinsa

Da Sen’Jin Market – 22nd of September

Come and visit da Sen’Jin Market in Sen’Jin Village on Tuesday da 22nd of September!

Taste da traditional Darkspear food and drinks
Buy wondrous items
Get ya fortune told (if ya dare)
Listen ta stories
And much much more!

Da market will be open from 20.30h till 22h
Entrance free

Want ta participate and open a stall at da market?
Contact Zufli Zhinsa from Tusks and Horns for a place.
Non trolls are allowed ta open a booth after consideration by da organising Darkspear trolls.

The eventEdit

The Sen’Jin market is organised by players for players.

We have plenty of room for stalls, be it for selling items, voodoo practising, fishing, storytelling, fortunetelling and so on. Visitors of all races are welcome!

Non-darkspears are also welcome to open a stall, preference will be given to the trolls however. (I would like to see more trolls opening a stall then other horde races. It is the Sen’Jin market after all!)

For certain stalls we might accept only 1 player, this will be considered as people apply. (having 10 witchdoctor fortunetelling stalls would be a bit silly :p)


Voodoo charms and advice – Zufli Zhinsa

Herbs - Nizja

Gems and weapons - Clan Bladewind

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