Crusaders' Vigil
Basic information
Date Saturday 21st of November
Time 8:00pm (Server Time)
Location Argent Tournament, Argent Pavilion
Contact Gerevon (Alliance), Flashheart (Horde)

Morning breaks over the Argent Tournament, the grounds inhabitant's slowly stirring from another night of sleep. As many of the valiants, aspirants, and champions of each individual city, and indeed the proprietors of the tournament themselves, the Argent Crusade, ready themselves for another day of winning fame, and prestige for themselves, and those who they represent, several men, from various different races wander the area, distributing fliers, and words of comfort to those they meet.

Heroes of Azeroth!

Whilst we continue to battle the Scourge, and the bastard Prince of Lordaeron, Arthas, known now to many as the terrible, and destructive Lich King, we must not forgive those who sacrificed themselves so that we many be able to push forwards, and indeed, glimpse a chance of putting an end to all of this!

On the fourteenth of this month, a small gathering will be taking place to honor those who fought for us, and indeed, the rest of Azeroth, and died valiantly in their goal to protect us.

For those interested in attending the event, and remembering the glorious fallen, all we ask is that you meet us at the Argent Pavilion, within the Tournament grounds, in Icecrown, and dress as they did whilst they fought; in combat clothing.

Glory to the Light!

The eventEdit

  • Date: Saturday 21st of November
  • Time: 8:00pm (Server Time)
  • Location: Argent Tournament, Argent Pavilion
  • Contact: Gerevon (Alliance), Flashheart (Horde)

Currently looking for:

One person whom has a Argent Crusade Banner.


Gerevon (Alliance Contact) Flashheart (Horde Contact)

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