PVE & Social Guild
Basic information
Faction Horde
Leader Slechtestier
Members 212 (including alts and inactive)
Website Website

Chillout is a progressing PVE guild. We are currently farming TOTC 10, and clearing Ulduar. We aim to gear up our guildmembers so we can start doing 25 mans and hardmodes.

We are also very social in guildchat :)

We do not have a guild ventriloserver/website.



We dont do any specific events, we usually just raid, do the daily heroic and farm other heroics, help eachother out.

Remember, if you arent good enough to fill in the slots for the raids, run heroics and buy the best emblem gear there is! You can buy item level 226 (better or similliar to Ulduar) gear by just running some heroics!


Guild rules and Information:

1. (GB) The items in the guildbank is for your own use and may not be withdrawn to people outside the guild or sold on the auction house or to other people

2: (GB) Nobody likes a greedy person. Make deposits of equal value of what you withdraw!

3. If you are offline/inactive for 2 months without leaving a reason in your note you will be kicked out of the guild.

4. Boosts are given, not asked for.

5. Behave in the guildchat. We like to make jokes and talk about fun stuff, but no obsessive spamming or ASCII macros, repeated abusive language, racism, and so on.


Officers: Yidio, Gadgeuk, Tiwazil, Luunar, Eternalone, Deathpheonix, Ashuk, Birdies

Other informationEdit

Contact one of the officers listed above for more information if you have some questions.

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