Borlox Grindhammer

Borlox Grindhammer is an Earthen Ring emmissary, Ambassador of the Alliance, Diplomat and proud member of the Wildhammer clan of Aerie Peak.

Following the Second War, Borlox was sent through the Dark Portal as part of the Alliance Expedition, and was stationed out in the barren wasteland of Shadowmoon Valley, where he helped to build and then defend the Wildhammer Stronghold, under the command of Kurdran Wildhammer, which formed a strategic base for the Alliance forces who laid siege to the Black Temple.

With the advent of the Cataclysm, Borlox, along with almost all other members of the Earthen Ring were recalled to Azeroth by the Elder Council and has had several tours of duty in Deepholm and Vash'Jir.

When not on Earthen Ring business, Borlox is a keen fisherman and chef. His rather simplistic outlook to food in general is "Cook it if ye can't brew it" which leaves plenty of room for gourmet experimentation.

Sadly, Borlox is very much a child of the Wildhammer, and his lack of diplomacy led to him making a poor early impression on one of his guild officers, when he asked, with a mix of ignorance and innocence, if he could use bits of her recently tamed spirit beast in a recipie for crab cakes.

Sensing that Borlox was somewhat lacking in the diplomatic stakes, the Earthen Ring dispatched Borlox off to Winterspring and Zangarmarsh, where he was to communicate and build relationships with the Timbermaw and Sporeggar clans on behalf of the Earthen Ring.

So successful were Borlox's efforts, that he was awarded the title of "The Diplomat" by the combined forces of the Alliance.

Another title recently bestowed on Borlox Grindhammer is that of Guardian of Cenarius, however, this prestigious title came about after a mix up over his tour of duty with the Cenarion Circle.

Before being sent through the Dark Portal, Borlox should have been officially transferred from Cenarion Circle to the Alliance Expedition. The transfer seemingly never happened - or at least, the papers for the transfer were never correctly signed off by the appropriate commanders. (Which given the state of Silithus at the time, is not a surprise).

When Borlox happened to return to the Cenarion Hold in order to seek out an old friend to pass the time and share some ales, he was temporarily recalled to service by the Cenarion Circle, who wanted to make use of his Ambassadorial and Diplomat status within the Alliance in order to try and turn the heads of some Twighlight's Hammer forces that are still located in the area.

Sadly, Borlox's attempts at a diplomatic compromise with the Twighlight's Hammer forces failed, but such was his adherence to duty, the title, so beloved of the Druids was bestowed upon him regardless.

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