Artho Resh Stormdeath
Artho Resh Stormdeath image
Basic information
Age 70
Gender Male
Race Tauren
Affiliation Horde
Status Knights of the Ebon Blade

Background HistoryEdit

After the dark day at Light’s Hope Chapel, Resh too, joined as a Knight of the Ebon Blade. Artho Resh Stormdeath is a forgotten warrior once born in Mulgore. After the betrayal of the Lich King Resh became even more dead then he already was. Resh is a coldhearted murderer, he tries not act like that but it’s hard to keep it secret after all that happened. He killed thousands, maybe ten thousands of innocent people. Resh is a lonely Tauren, caught into his own world and visions. Caught into his past, stuck in his memories. Resh doesn’t like the way he is. But he cannot stand being loved and cared for. It makes him feel weak and vulnerable. Sometimes, on his good days he can love people around him but most of the time he is not like that. Resh isn’t talkative. He is however very aware about his surroundings. When you take a good look at him you can see it in his eyes, death has found it’s way in.


Resh is a middle-aged male Tauren, with a black skin and a black mane. He is blind in his right eye, he uses a glass eye so you can’t really see it that good. Resh is quite tall for a warrior a whopping 2.7 meters (8.8’). He weights around 130 kg (285 lb). There is a frost wyrm dragon whelp at his side at all times.

Social InteractionEdit

As the story above tells you, Resh isn’t the most social person around. Resh has trouble reading others behaviour and intentions and act upon those. Resh tries to avoid social contacts as much as possible and just wants to do his job. Resh is only close with two people, his frost whelp who is always by his side and Warchief Thrall, who accepted him as a death knight and because Thrall has so much influense also the Horde accepted him, well, most of the Horde anyways.

Professions and SkillsEdit

Resh is skilled in first aid, even a death knight can get wounded and needs to take care of hisself. This comes in handy when he travels in a small group. He is able to heal others with his excelent first aid skills. Any other interests does Resh not have. He could care less about that. Money is earned as a bountyhunter, not as a leatherworker or any other proffession.

Personal QuotesEdit

  • “Who are you to ask for my name? Give me yours and I shall give you mine.”
  • “I have no intention of talking with you.”
  • “Make it happen.”

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