Aranuir Sunscorn
Image caption
Basic information
Age 183
Gender Male
Race Blood Elf
Affiliation Horde / Silvermoon
Status Alive

Aranuir Sunscorn is an aspiring noble, emerging from the mists of relative obscurity to become a somewhat formidable politcal power within Silvermoon. He currently resides within a newly constructed estate, within the temperate confines of Quel'thalas.


Aranuir Sunscorn would appear every inch the way a noble should. His garments are rich in colour and quality and his features patrician in every shape and form. His ebony hair ripples down towards his shoulder blades and frames his face, a stark contrast to his pale complexion.

One of the first things that would strike prospective viewers is his fel green eyes, sparkling with curiousity and a hint of scorn. His arrogant and proud gait is somewhat ruined by a slight, but pronounced, limp. Alongside this is the constant tap-tapping produced by his walking staff, a necessary prop it would seem.

Aranuir stands slightly above average height for an elf; his lean and firm frame hinting at an active and disciplined style of life. Whilst not blessed with the features of an Adonis, it is plain to see that he takes great care in his appearance. His clothes are often pristine and his armour unblemished, lacking neither wear nor tear.


Aranuir is a noble, and as a result possess many of the benefits that station brings - along with many of its flaws. While he is often seen to be civil, diplomatic and chivalric he can also be undeniably callous, quick to take offense and snide.

He is an idealistic person, and one who enjoys inspiring others with his sense of vision and belief. He is a prideful elf, and takes great plesure in using his wit to pick apart and mock those who insult that pride. On the other hand, he shows nothing but the utmost decorum to those whom he believes deserve it.

Trivia Edit

Things you might know about Aranuir:


  • Is a relative newcomer to the political scene, but already commands a hefty amount of respect and authority.
  • Is an adept in the arts of Pyromancy and Arcanology
  • Served in the Sin'dorei military during his youth, rising to a rank of some distinction.

Things you wont know about Aranuir:


  • Has a hideous scar upon his chest. Whatever struck the blow, it looks like it should have been fatal. The wound has given him troubles with both his heart and lungs, accounting for a slight catch and rasp to his breathing.
  • He could originally wield the Light, having been schooled in the ways of the Blood Knights.
  • Has a half-brother, although his current fate is unknown following his venturing beyond the Dark Portal.

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