Aramilias is a homosexual Rogue who lost his way and decended into madness... To free him from this state his close friends, Wraithos the Terrorist, Zearok the Almighty, Ruzzadin the Hermaphrodite, Phenora the Massively Awesome God, Aukthaipow the second Cow, Philly the young, Fish the Fishfucker, Tayen the semi-decent Mage and Kaas the Mountaineer Mammoth set out on an epic journey that led them across the entire Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor until they finally stumbled upon the whereabouts of Aramilias.

It was in an abandoned strip club near the Dark Portal where this once decent Rogue now calls home, set upon his desire to achieve all sexual pleasures he was too far into the madness for his friends to save him. Except... In the darkness there was light, one man strode forth and was the key to saving Aramilias... This hero was Ruz!! With a mighty swing of his mace he gave Aramilias new found sexual pleasures and newly found nightmares. This went on for a while...

After a while, things got back to normal and Aram went back to his old ways of sucking as a Rogue and being in Wraithos' shadow.

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