Name: Anviana "Feetleaf" Moonshadow
Nickname: She has many nick names, for example: Stinky Anviana, Tough Feet, and Barefoot Bitch.

Race: Kaldorei

Class: Rogue/Assassin

Age: 4558
Birthplace: Ashenvale
Current Residence: None
Affiliation: None

Sexuality: Bisexual
Virgin: No

Immediate family:

Mother: Lana Feetleaf (Moonshadow Tribe Kaldorei - Deceased) Father: An Unknown Slave (Kaldorei - Deceased)

Appearance Edit

At a glance, you can see a very wild Kaldorei with curvaceous and muscular build. Her hair is mess and often tangles with leafs or feathers. Intense eyes glow in the darkness of the night behind a tribal tattoo mask that decorates her face. Her armor is a series of leather straps adorn with beads, feathers, and leaves that allow freedom of movement. Two small pieces of tattered leather drape over her waist and leather straps holding daggers are around long slender legs that end in dirty bare feet. She never wears underwear, only some fundamental pieces of leather cover her genital. Her violet skin bears the dirty and rough appearance because she prefers to live in wild rather than in cities or towns.

A large scar runs down her body, from her chest to waist. Her body is covered by too many scratches and scars. Several faint scars can be seen under her markings. One of her long elegant ears has been either bitten or cut in half. Her silvery colored eyes show a mixture of persistence, fierceness, and wildness. Her sharp bright eyes  show that she is the true killer.

Weapon and combatEdit

She is very handy with dagger. She chooses two sharp daggers and a light throwing knife for weapons. She spends a lot of time to stay in the shadow patiently, she will give a deadly attack when she find an opportunity from her enemy. Ambush is her best combat skill. Using a sharp dagger which are coasted by poisons to quickly thrust into enemy's back with her hole strength.

She has a pair of extremely calloused feet. The soles of her feet like leather. The thick calluses are perfect insulation. The toes of her feet are long and spread, perfectly adapted for jumping, running, and climbing.  Her soles are so tough that she can walk over sharp, cold, or hot objects without particularly causing herself discomfort. Therefore, she can go everywhere to assassinate the target. Getting kicked by her would be doubly painful.


She is a tough female kaldorei that can tolerate many harmful situations. She had been lurking in a cesspit at Warsong lumber for 6 hours when the target finally arrived. 2/3 of her nude body was surrounded by feces at that time. She was nicknamed Stinky Anviana by other sentinels after the mission.

She is from moonshadow tribe. She likes to maintain the traditions and keep herself uncivilized (refusing to wear shoes or cut hair, eating fresh meat, pissing in public). Most people keep their distance from her. She also does not like to contact with other people except her best friends. When she voyaged to east kingdom, the innkeeper of tavern has allowed her to live and sleep in the basement because he though that she is an animal. She ignores any insults and discrimination, just keeps her own life style.

She never abandons her partner in action. She often makes big sacrifice for her friends. She would do anything she could to avoid casualties, preferring to put herself in danger to protect her closed friends, those after years upon years of combat, adventure, and sex had become her friends. 

She is strong in combat and survival, but when talking to her people will find she is very kind.

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