Anedill Rilynn'thal
"I-I... uhm..."
Basic information
Age 645
Gender Female
Race Night Elf
Affiliation Alliance
Status Alive

Anedill, a Priestess of the Moon, is a gentle and kindly soul and an exceptional healer. She's the main healer in The Enders, and the wife to Corthana.


Anedill is quite small for a Night Elf, which doesn't help her self-confidence problem. Her hair is purple colored, and it reaches her lower back. Always wearing some pretty robe, Ann does care about her looks. She never carries weapons, her healing hands are all she needs.


Daughter of a priestess and a druid, Anedill let a simple and peaceful life as a little girl. But she grew a somewhat shy personality, not making any friends and she buried herself in books about the world, animals, anything.

When coming of age, Anedill was quite the student, interested in almost everything and intelligent. But when her supervisors tried to get her to train in weapons, Anedill found her flaw. She completely lacks any weapon skill.

Now an exceptional healer, even though her age, Ann has been healing the front for some time now, and joined a local group called The Shari'Adune.

Ann quickly became loved in the group through her kind, warm and caring personality and some of her shyness has disappeared because of it. A person anyone could trust on, Ann will never ignore a wound or disease and will do anything to cure it or make it manageable.

However, something she didn't expect happened; she fell in love with a Draenei soldier called Corthana. And knowing the Shari'Adune would never accept Anedill's love, she chose to leave the group all together and somehow ended up in The Enders.

There, she could finally marry Corthana, as Anedill had always loved this human ritual called a "wedding".


Ann cares deeply for her friends, and will never turn a blind eye if anyone is in danger. Although very warm and friendly, Ann is also very shy and anyone that talks to her will immediately notice her obvious stuttering.

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