Alahien Longhorn
Image caption
Basic information
Age 114
Gender Male
Race Tauren
Affiliation Horde, And of the shattered sun
Status Undead

Alahien doesn't hurt anyone. He'll only gut you if your forsaken or get into a fight with him, He is mostly seen walking around silvermoon city. He wears the armor of rogues. He believes he is one, Not understanding he is dead.


Black hair, three ponytails on the front of his face. Very tall.


He mainly tracks down gods to kill. Prince malchezaar and many others are off his list. Even ulduar is near its demise. And he travels with his shaman friend (Shammytrolly).


He's mostly always happy, Only angry if you anger him. And you wouldn't want to end up with no head...Would you?

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