"Undying Love" auditions
Actors Wanted! image
Actors wanted!
Basic information
Date Thursday 6th August
Time 20:30
Location Brill Town Hall
Contact Vonschmerz

Posters can be found in various inns and banks in the Horde lands.

Actors wanted for

"Undying Love; A pantomime in three parts"
by Siegfried Von Schmerz

Auditions will be held on Thursday the 6th of August
At 20h30
Brill - Town Hall

A second audition may be held - date to be announced

Specific actors needed:
a druid
a deathknight
girls (race does not matter)

a male blood elf (that looks good in plate armor)
a masculine-looking male troll or tauren
Even if you do not fall into any of these categories, you can still audition. We need more actors, race or gender not important.

The eventEdit

A second audition may be arranged if there are enough people that can't make the first.

Of course, if all roles are filled, there will be no second audition in any case.

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